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Honda Prelude bonnet with 3D Hooded Skull and3D steel plate mouldings

4X4 Cover "Marylin"

4X4 Cover "Fantasy Warrior"

4X4 Cover "Dolphins under Water"

4X4 Cover "Boris Vallejo"

4X4 Cover "Chrom Shark"

4X4 Cover "Whinnie the Pooh"

4X4 Cover "Russia"

Baja Beetle side "Cool Blues"

Peugeot  207cc Wide body kit modified

Nitous Oxide Bottles

Toyota Celica Interior

Old Mini Roof "Rasta Baby"


Nissan Skyline Bonnet "Samurai"

Nissan skyline Rims each of the rims received 3 different images on the inner offset of the rim


Fiat Stilo with Metal Plating, Green candy with green/blue Spindrift flakes and Pin Stripe design on the bonnet

Opel Corsa boot install with industrial design

Spare Wheel cover with Tinker Bell design

Subaru Impreza "Red Bull" Design on Bonnet scoop and Lightning on both sides




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